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How we coordinate care

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Well, the health care system is complex, not only for providers, but also for the patient as they come into a system. You see the provider. You get your tests done. The bills come in. How do I understand all of this? Here at OptumCare Utah, we help to try to simplify that provider-patient relationship and the time spent with the patient.

We have that desire and that need. And I think that's different. We're not about number crunching, about pushing people through a system. We're all about making sure the patient gets the quality care that they deserve.

The OptumCare network of Utah has a lot to offer our patients and our providers. It's a vast network. It gives our patients a lot of choice. It gives them the opportunity to get the care that they need. The member picks a primary care provider. We give those providers data and information to show them where that patient is getting care outside of their office, if they've been to the ER, if they've had an inpatient stay, if they're seeing a specialist.

A physician is only as good as the information is provided to them by the patient and the medical records that they have access to. And so that's what we provide to the provider. We give them that information. They know everything that's gone on with that patient. We look to push more and more data to that tool so that our providers can be the best care practitioners that they can be.

One of the things that we've started here at OptumCare is to provide one-on-one sessions for pharmacist and patient. We can sit down and go through their medications and answer their questions, make sure they are educated on what to expect from the medication, how to take it, how often to take it. We have that pharmacist here at OptumCare. All of our network providers have that access to that pharmacist when they are seeing patients that have these critical questions when it comes to choosing the right medication at the right time for the patient.


If a patient is in the hospital or is sent to a skilled facility, we have case managers that reach out to them and their families to make sure that that transition of care happens.

We're on the ground at a local, personal level. My job is to get a whole team of people together, paying extra special attention to your individual needs to ensure you have a good outcome.

At the end of the day, it's about the patient. It's about making sure that the patient walks away living the healthy, well, comfortable life that they deserve.

I'm getting plenty of care. I appreciate it very, very much. They've been very good people, doing very good things.




We know that figuring out the health care system is overwhelming at times. OptumCare® works with your doctors to help make the process easier for you. See how our care coordinators help support our members.