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We know that health care can be very complex, it can be very difficult, and, at times, it can be very cold. We're here to help you find a doctor, a primary care physician, advanced care providers, specialists and hospitals in northern Utah.  We offer our patients a network of more than 2,100 primary care providers, 5,100 specialists, and 47 hospitals

Call us today at 1-801-982-3154 and together we'll find you the PCP that's right for you!

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We believe physicians are at their best when they're with their patient. Everything that we do is to support the relationship between the primary care physician and their patient. We provide great customer and doctor services, they're engaged and care about their physicians and their patients. The biggest strength of OptumCare is that we work as a team to wrap around the patient. We strive to ensure the right care is provided at the right place.


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