Choosing an OptumCare Medical Group doctor

Do you have an HMO (health maintenance organization) or Medicare Advantage (MA) plan?

Or are you signing up for a new HMO or MA plan?

The first step is to understand how your health plan, medical network and doctor's office work together.

When you have an HMO or MA plan, you need to choose a medical network. Each network has certain doctors in it. How do you choose an OptumCare® Medical Group doctor? You need to find out if the doctor you want to see is in one of the networks in your health plan.

Start with your health plan

First, see our list of accepted health insurance plans. If your plan is on the list, call the OptumCare Medical Group office you want to go to and ask if they accept your health plan. If not, you'll need to enroll in a new plan during your next open enrollment period.


Know which medical networks are in your health plan

To see an OptumCare Medical Group doctor, make sure you're in a network the office accepts. Call your health plan if you aren't sure which network you're in. Each network includes certain doctors and hospitals. So make sure the network is the right choice for you.


Choose a medical network and doctor

If the doctor's office accepts your health plan, the next step is to choose your doctor. Go to the locations section of this website to learn more about each of our doctors. Each doctor's bio page will tell you what network(s) they are in and their network ID numbers.


Call your health plan

The next step is to call your health plan. Tell them that you want to switch to a new primary care doctor. Give them the doctor's name, the network you want and the doctor's network ID number. They will tell you what date you can start going to your new doctor.

Helpful information for our patients

Accepted health insurance plans

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OptumCare Medical Group network choices

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OptumCare Medical Group locations

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