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Patient and member support


Welcome to our patient support center

Watch our video to see how we uniquely care for patients with Medicare Advantage.

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Welcome to the Optum Care Community Center.

These are amazing spaces that enable anyone 55 years and older to stay physically and mentally active in an enjoyable social setting in our classroom. We can participate in a variety of Wellness classes led by expert instructors that create safe, fun, an effective classes, some typical classes you will see are Pilates, yoga.

Brain Savers art classes, healthy minds and more in our fitness studio, we have state of the art strength and cardio equipment that is adaptable for a variety of physical abilities.

Best of all, our certified personal trainers are available to show every participant how to properly use the equipment and set their ideal settings before use.

We look forward to having you join us.


We're all about you and your health


At Optum Care, we understand getting older has its challenges. But it can also be a great time of life. Our doctors and care teams are here to help you live well as you age. With us, you’ll benefit from having expert care that’s totally geared toward you.

Take a look at how we help people with Medicare Advantage stay healthy, happy and active right here in Arizona.


Welcome to your community

Take a quick video tour through one of the five Optum Care Community Centers in Arizona. 

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Learn more about AWV

One of our nurse practitioners shares more about what an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is and why it's important to have one yearly.

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COVID-19 resources

Are you looking for information on the COVID-19 virus, the COVID-19 vaccine or related resources?

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Get active from home

Check out your online health and fitness classes at the Optum Care Virtual Community Center playlist on YouTube.

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Welcome new patients

Take a look at patient services and resources through information shared by Optum Care providers that deliver care unique to you.


Topics in our video

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  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services suggests all patients have their AWV. At your AWV, we’ll talk about:

    • Your health history
    • Your height, weight and blood pressure
    • Preventive health tests to help stop illness and injury, including blood sugar levels and cholesterol
    • Review your medicines to make sure they’re still right for you 

    There are three ways get your AWV: 

    • Go to an Optum Care Community Center clinic
    • Go to your primary care provider’s office
    • Online video visit (during COVID-19)

    To schedule, call 1-877-488-5582, or you can contact your provider. 

  • Optum Care Community Centers offer a welcoming place to get active and stay healthy. 

  • The Optum Care CSC helps patients with greater chances for having medical problems and those with complex medical conditions during transitions in care.

    The CSC team, including nurse practitioners, social workers and doctors, are experts in their fields. These trained advocates make sure that all the necessary care services are in place for you.

    We also provide follow-up support at home to make sure that patient transitions are smooth, successful and safe.

    We are here to help connect doctors, patients, facilities and community organizations. 

    One call will put you in touch with the CSC team. You can reach us seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or leave a message at any time.

    Call us at 1-623-293-9775 or email us at servicecoordination@optum.com.

  • Our network gives you extra services and resources that are shared throughout this page, including our new patient welcome video. 

    Choosing an Optum Care doctor gives you the advantage of having care that’s backed by thousands of doctors across the country. Having a connected network of experts also means you get care that’s been proven to work. 

    Do you have a chronic condition (long-term medical problem)? Let us help.

    Optum Care offers supportive care for a variety of chronic conditions and other types of care you may need. 

    Learn more about our services on our supportive care page or call 1-623-293-9775.


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At Optum Care Network of Arizona, our goal is to help you stay healthy, active and independent.


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