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If you have a Medicare Advantage plan

Do you have a Medicare Advantage or HMO (health maintenance organization) plan? If so, there are two steps you need to take to become an OptumCare® member.

  • Choose a health plan that gives you access to OptumCare.
  • Choose a primary care provider who is part of the OptumCare Network.
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How do they all work together?

Figuring out how your health plan, medical network and doctor work together can be confusing. What’s the difference between what your health plan does and what your network does? How do they both work with your doctor? We’ve created a graphic to help make it more clear.

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Start with your health plan

If you want to switch to a doctor who is part of OptumCare, it starts with your health plan. Ask if your plan allows you to choose an OptumCare network or doctor.

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Select a primary care doctor

Select OptumCare as your medical network. Then choose a primary care doctor who is part of the network.

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When can I join?

The open enrollment period is a time when people who are eligible for Medicare or an HMO plan can:

  • Enroll in a new Medicare Advantage (MA) plan.
  • Switch from original Medicare to an MA plan.

Your new plan will usually go into effect on January 1 of the next year.

Find out more about your Medicare Advantage options.


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Can I join at other times of the year?

You might be able to join OptumCare at other times of the year if:

  • You’re already a member of a health plan that partners with OptumCare.
  • You enroll in a new health plan that partners with OptumCare.
  • You qualify for both Medicare Parts A and B, including if you also have Medicaid.

For more information on the health plans accepted by OptumCare providers, call us today, toll-free, at: 1-844-758-8986.



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What makes OptumCare different?

Providing health care teams with the tools needed to make the best decisions for you.


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