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Annual Wellness Visits

Yearly wellness visits can keep you healthier longer.



What is an Annual Wellness Visit? 

The Annual Wellness Visit is a yearly visit with your doctor. During the visit, you and your doctor will create or update your personalized care plan. The plan is designed to help you improve your health and stay well. This is different from your annual physical exam.

During this Medicare Annual Wellness Visit, your doctor will: 

  • Ask you about past and current medical problems
  • Talk with you about annual screenings you may need
  • Do a blood screening
  • Review your medications
  • Do other routine screenings

We’ll remind you each year to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit. Together, you and your doctor will create a plan to keep you healthy.


How do you qualify for an Annual Wellness Visit?

You qualify for an Annual Wellness Visit if:

  • You’ve had Medicare Part B for more than 12 months.
  • You haven’t had a “Welcome to Medicare” visit in the last 12 months.
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Common questions about Annual Wellness Visits

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  • Your Annual Wellness Visit is a once-a-year exam to look for signs of medical problems. Medicare Part B covers the cost of this exam. If you’re in a Medicare Advantage plan, ask the plan if it covers an Annual Wellness Visit.

  • The Annual Wellness Visit focuses on preventive care to help stop illness or injury.

    If you have other problems you wish to talk about with your doctor, you may need to schedule a separate visit. This includes long-term problems like diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma.

    You’ll want your doctor to have enough time to give them the attention they may need.

  • Please bring: 

    • Your medical records, and records of any shot you’ve had. If you’re seeing a new doctor, get copies of these records from your former doctor.
    • Your family health history. 

    Also bring your prescriptions and any over-the-counter medicines that you take. If you can’t bring them, bring a list of what you take. Write down why you take them and how often.


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