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If you have a complex or serious medical problem, you want peace of mind when it comes to your health care. You need the right care at the right time. OptumCare can offer you extra care to help make sure your needs are met, now and in the future. 

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Types of advanced care services

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  • We work to make sure you get the care you need after you leave the hospital.

    When you return home from the hospital, we make sure:

    • All equipment and services are set up. 
    • You know how to use your equipment.  
    • You get proper follow-up care. 
    • We can help answer your questions and help take care of any issues with your care. 
  • We work with you to help take care of gaps in your care after you leave the hospital.

    Topics include:

    • Your relationship with your doctor
    • Solving problems with getting around in your home or getting to appointments
    • Understanding your health plan
    • Learning how to care for yourself while you recover
    • Your ability to get your medicines
    • The correct dose of your medicines 
    • Reasons to call your doctor  
  • We offer support for people who have complex needs. We help make sure you get the care you need, when you need it.


    • Help you understand how to take care of your unique needs.
    • Keep your doctors up-to-date on the care you get.
    • Offer you our services as long as you need them.
  • It’s important to think about the care you want if you become too sick to speak for yourself. We can help you record your choices.


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