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Hospital care

Our team approach to health care continues at the hospital. We have hospitalists and care managers who see you while you’re in the hospital. They work with your primary care doctor to make sure you get the right care at the right place. 

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If you go to the hospital, a hospitalist will be in charge of your care during your stay. Hospitalists are doctors who specialize in caring for patients in the hospital. They will:

  • Admit you to the hospital and see you every day
  • Oversee all hospital care, including tests and treatment plans
  • Work with our care managers — registered nurses who also see you in the hospital
  • Keep your primary care physician and other care providers updated about your care
  • Update you and your family about your care
  • Work with surgeons and specialists before and after any operations you need
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Care managers

Our care managers are registered nurses. Along with our hospitalists, they will see you while you’re in the hospital. They will also:

  • Work with you and your family to make sure you have a smooth transition from the hospital
  • Help find another hospital or a skilled nursing facility, if needed, where you can get more care before going home
  • Review your home to see if it’s safe and make sure you have the medical equipment or home health services you may need
  • Talk to you after you return home to see how you’re doing
  • Schedule follow-up care visits or tests you might need

Our hospitalists and care managers talk to your primary care doctor before, during and after your hospital stay. They share information and work together to make sure you get the best care.


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