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Specialty and surgical care

When you need more than primary care, you can see one of our specialists. 

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Specialists have extra training in caring for certain parts of the body or medical problems. For example, we have specialists who focus on the heart, diabetes, cancer, allergies and more. Check with your doctor’s office to find specialists near you.

If you need surgery, our specialists and surgeons will see you at one of the nearby hospitals we partner with. Ask your doctor for information on how to prepare for your surgery or procedure.


Your primary care doctor might need to connect you to a specialist. This is called a referral. You can often get a referral before you even leave your primary care doctor's office.

When you need a referral depends on the situation:

  • You can see some specialists without a referral. For example, you don’t need a referral to see an ob/gyn for a well-woman visit.
  • Your primary care doctor can advise you about when you need a referral to see specialists.
  • You can also contact your insurance company, which may have rules about when you need a referral.
  • Sometimes your insurance company may not pay for visits with specialists unless you have a referral.


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Chronic condition care

We offer extra care for those who have serious, ongoing medical problems. We work together to offer support, advice and therapies that help keep you as healthy as possible.

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Fitness and physical therapy

Physical therapists are movement experts. If an injury or illness keeps you from moving normally, our physical therapists can help. Their goal is to reduce pain, make it easier for you to do daily tasks and improve your quality of life.

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Hospital care

Our team approach to health care continues at the hospital. We have hospitalists and care managers who see you while you’re in the hospital. They work with your primary care doctor to make sure you get the right care at the right place. 

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Outpatient surgery

With outpatient surgery there is no overnight stay at a hospital. We focus on safety, quality and compassionate care.

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Accepted health plans

We can help you get the information and support you need in Southern California.

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We care for everyone from newborns to older adults and accept most health insurance plans.