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In-home care

This special Optum program brings medical care to you.

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If you’re homebound and need ongoing medical care, seeing a doctor isn’t always easy. Our in-home care program changes that. It helps you get the care normally offered at your doctor’s office in the comfort of your home.

Most patients are referred by their doctor or another medical professional. You can take part in the program as long as your doctor feels you need it.



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  • You can count on our in-home care program for all kinds of helpful services:

    • An entire medical team will care for you in your home and oversee your medical needs.
    • Your team will keep your doctor updated about your health and treatments. 
    • Most of your medical services, including lab work and X-rays, are done in your home.
    • Once you're enrolled, you'll be able to call a dedicated phone line 24 hours a day.
  • Your team may include:

    • A doctor or nurse practitioner 
    • A nurse care manager or social worker who calls and visits when services are needed 

    All team members are chosen because of their skills and experience in working with patients at home. 

  • You can expect: 

    • A medical assistant will call to schedule your first at-home appointment. 
    • At that appointment, your in-home care doctor or nurse practitioner will learn about your health, medical concerns, the people who take care of you and any other needs you may have.
    • During another visit, your social worker may do a home safety check and connect you to helpful community resources. 
    • Your care manager will arrange for any services ordered by your in-home care doctor or nurse practitioner. This includes any medical equipment or therapies.
    • Your care manager or social worker may also visit if you need help managing your medications.

    If at any time you’re not feeling well, you can reach us by phone. A medical professional who knows you will help. If it's after hours, a nurse will help you or contact a doctor or nurse practitioner for you.


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