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Annual Wellness Visits 

Get extra time with a doctor to focus on your heath. Schedule an appointment.

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What is an Annual Wellness Visit? 

Your Annual Wellness Visit is a yearly visit different from an annual physical exam. You’ll get extra time with a doctor to focus on your health. During the visit, you and a doctor will create or update your personalized care plan, which focuses on your unique needs.

During your Annual Wellness Visit, a doctor will:

  • Ask you about your medical history
  • Review your medications
  • Talk with you about annual tests you may need

We’ll remind you each year to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit. Together, you and your doctor will create a plan to keep you healthy.

Schedule your Annual Wellness Visit today. Call us to schedule your appointment. 



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  • You qualify for an Annual Wellness Visit if you are on a Medicare plan and have not had an Annual Wellness Visit or a Welcome to Medicare visit in the last 12 months.

  • There’s no additional charge and no copay for your Annual Wellness Visit. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t met your deductible or which type of health insurance you have. Just remember that you need to have your Annual Wellness Visit with a doctor who accepts Medicare.

  • The Annual Wellness Visit focuses on preventive care. This helps your doctor find illnesses or injuries early, when they are easier to care for. You may need to schedule a separate visit with your doctor if you want to talk about other long-term health problems. This will give your doctor more time to focus on these problems, which may include:

    • Asthma
    • Diabetes
    • High blood pressure 
  • Please bring: 

    • Your medical records
    • Your family health history 
    • Immunization records (shots you’ve had)
    • Any prescription or over-the-counter medications you take

    Please note: If you can’t bring your medications with you, bring a list of what you take, why you take it and how often. 


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