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We're ready to welcome you back to our clinics

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Back to Care – Video 1 – We’re Ready

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All of a sudden, the world stopped. 

But life kept moving. 

We’ve been working hard to serve your health needs through phone calls, online resources, urgent visits and video visits.

But technology can’t take care of all your health care needs. Nor can your health continue to hold.

So, we listened to the experts until we became experts.

On-screen text: [Healthy employees; Temperature checks; Masks on; Regular hand washing; Giving you space; Safe waiting options; Frequent cleaning; Limited visitors]

And now we’re ready with an improved clinic experience with new safeguards for you if you do need to come in.

The world has changed, but our dedication to your health and safety has not. 

Welcome back. 

We’re here when you need us.

On-screen text: [optumcare.com/welcomeback]