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Welcome back to in person care

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We look forward to seeing you

Trans: We're Ready To Welcome You Back

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Back to Care – Video 2 – New Experience 


We've been working hard to serve your health care needs. We've put new safeguards in place to keep you safe in our clinics. We're ready to welcome you back. 




If you need to come to one of our clinics for a visit, welcome!


For the health and safety of our patients and teammates, there are a couple of important things you should know about your in-person visit.


On-screen text: [Masks on; Temperature checks; Hand washing; Giving you space; Safe waiting options; Frequent cleaning; Limited visitors] On-screen text: [Masks on]

Everyone must wear a mask inside the clinic. If you don’t have one, we’re happy to give you one. We’ll wear one too.


On-screen text: [Temperature checks]

When you first arrive, a team member will check your temperature at the door. It’s a very quick process.


By the way, team members are screened for symptoms and temperature.


On-screen text: [Hand washing]

There will be sanitizing and hand wash stations for you to use.


We wash our hands frequently as well.


On-screen text: [Giving you space]

We’ve rearranged the chairs to give you plenty of room while you wait.

On-screen text: [Safe waiting options]

And if you want to, you can even wait in your car, we’ll send you a text when it’s your turn.

On-screen text: [Frequent cleaning]

We’re frequently cleaning door handles, restroom faucets and hundreds of other surfaces.  

On-screen text: [Limited visitors]

And, come alone. We may limit visitors.

All of these changes and more have been made as a careful commitment to you and your health.

Welcome back. We’re here for you.


On-screen text: [optumcare.com/welcomeback]