Vaccines save lives

Hear from one of our doctors why he got vaccinated. Don't wait to get your COVID-19 vaccine.  

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Vaccine Safety: Dr. Stephens

We know that COVID-19 vaccines absolutely save lives.

The biggest reason I wanted to get vaccinated wasn’t necessarily for me. It was for my elderly parents and the people I’m exposed to.

And so when I finally got it, I was like wow, I got it. So I was happy. It was a great thing.
I come across many people who are hesitant.

Historically, the African American community has been somewhat distrustful of the medical community.

The African American community has hesitancy because of a long history of things. All along the way there has been significant disparities and treatment in the African American community.

We’ve had over 500,000 Americans die, and disproportionately African Americans have been in that number.

It doesn’t have to be that way, now we know what to do. This is a new day.

This COVID-19 vaccination is as safe and as effective as possible.

Our scientists and researchers and physicians at the CDC and FDA, I have utmost confidence in them, that they are looking at this with a microscope to make sure that whatever they recommend to us, that is based upon science, and not based upon hearsay, and that they have the studies and so forth to prove it.

I think for everybody, this is a chance for us to move back to some semblance of normalcy, to where we can get back with our family, our friends.

My suggestion is for everyone to get vaccinated. If we all did our part, collectively it would add up and make a huge difference in this world.