Honor all moms on Mother's Day

Why not try to celebrate all moms this year?


Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate our moms and all they do. We show our appreciation in many ways, like buying gifts, cards and flowers. We may even spoil them for the day. But the holiday can be difficult for some moms, for many reasons. Why not try to celebrate all moms this year?


Ways to celebrate all moms

Many moms in your community may live alone. Or, they may not get a chance to spend time with their children on Mother’s Day. You can make a difference for them. Here are some great ways to make other moms feel special this year:

  • Volunteer for a local Mother’s Day event.
  • Organize your own event for moms, like a community brunch.
  • Visit a mom in the local hospital and bring an encouraging note.
  • Help a new mom by offering to watch her baby, run errands or bring a meal.



Help on a national level 

You can also make a difference for moms outside of your community. There are plenty of organizations that help moms in need, single mothers and more. Check with your local church, shelter or senior center for resources or ideas of how you can help.

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