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[MUSIC PLAYING] We are living in a changing world. There are new things to think about when doing the things you've always done, like seeing your loved ones, staying active, and keeping up with your health care. 

With Optum care the health and safety of our over 18 million patients nationwide is our greatest priority. When COVID 19 first hit, Optum led innovations to make sure that communities we serve got the care they needed. We partnered with United Health Care to bring you more comfortable nasal swab tests. These tests have been used by millions of people across the country. But that was just the beginning. 

Soon, Optum doctors were seeing thousands of patients every week through virtual care visits. And many of our locations across the country began offering drive-through covered testing and appointments. Nationwide, covid forced many doctors and medical groups to shut their doors. But Optum doctors were there for patients when they [? needed it ?] the most. 

Optum care is a family of more than 52000 doctors in 1,450 neighborhood locations across the country. We work together to help over 18 million people live healthier lives, in person or virtually. 


If you need to visit your doctor's office in person, you can count on a new level of safety. It's designed to protect you every step of the way. Spaced out appointments to reduce crowding, temperature checks at the door to screen for fever, masks for everyone, social distancing with signs to help you find your way, constant cleaning and disinfecting, even the ability to wait in your car for your appointment. Plus, many of our in locations offer priority to people with long term health problems. 

If you need that extra level of care, you can still safely visit your doctor in person. Want care without leaving the safety of your car? Now many Optum doctor's offices offer drive-through for visits and vaccinations. We've worked out all the details with your health and safety in mind. 


If you're not comfortable leaving your home, you can see an Optum doctor through a virtual visit. To date, Optum patients have had over 1 million virtual visits with their doctors and care team. You can now often get the care you need from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and tap into the power of Optum's virtual care when and where you need it. 


Sometimes, the safest place to be is in your own home. Optum has created a variety of resources to help you to focus on your health, right at home. You'll find recipes and meal plans, as well as online exercise videos to get you up and moving around. And if you need help finding your zen, we have wellness apps, as well. 

There are plenty of ways Optum in helps you put your health first during these challenging times. Call now for your no-cost health care review today today. We'll help you find a doctor with an optimal affiliated medical group in your area that's right for you. 


Call now for your no-cost health care review today today. We'll help you find an Optum doctor in your area that's right for you. Call us at 1-866-569-0370. California residents call 1-855-883-5998. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or fill out this form for help finding a doctor.