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OptumCare Medical Group patient portal

Sign up today!

What is the OptumCare™ Medical Group patient portal? It’s an online tool that you can use to get to important information about your health care. When you use the patient portal, you can:

  • Access your health record
  • Communicate with your doctor’s office with questions about your care
  • Receive and view the results of your lab tests
  • Review the list of medicines you are taking
  • Request medication refills
  • Get other information related to your care

It’s easy to sign up and use the patient portal. All you need is access to the Internet and an email address. However, every patient must have their own, unique email address. Family members who share an email address cannot all enroll using the same address.

There are two ways to sign up:

  1. Sign up next time you are in the office
    Next time you are in our office, ask one of our staff members about signing up for the patient portal. We may ask you about signing up as well. We will start the process for you and give you instructions on what to do to complete your enrollment at home.
  2. Sign up through the internet
    You can go to our patient portal website to start the sign-up process on your own. Our staff will receive your request and send you an email with instructions on how to finish enrolling (if necessary).

Sign up here for the OptumCare Medical Group patient portal (except for our Long Beach office).

Sign up here for the Long Beach office patient portal.

After you complete the sign up process, you can access the patient portal at any time by using the links on the right side of this page.