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Welcome to OptumCare Medical Group  

OptumCare™ Medical Group is a group of Southern California health care professionals who truly care about you and your health. We provide care for children and adults of all ages, offering personalized health care that’s built around you.

We work with a wide range of health plans to bring you care that fits your life and schedule.
Our patient resources will help you get the most out of your office visit.
Don’t settle for less. Make sure that you and your family get the health care you need.

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Welcome to Healthier

At OptumCare Medical Group, we put our patients first. Our health care providers have access to advanced technology and data that other health providers don’t have. This allows them to provide care that meets your unique health needs. Learn more about OptumCare Medical Group

We provide a full range of services and resources to people who are eligible for Medicare, including annual wellness visits.

OptumCare Medical Group offers primary care, including family medicine, internal medicine and geriatric medicine. We also offer pediatric care and specialty care, including OB/GYN and endocrinology.

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