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Introducing OptumCare

As a leading health care delivery organization, OptumCare® is helping keep patients healthier by providing personalized and coordinated care. We serve 10 million+ consumers, including patients, providers and health plans.

We’re building a high-performing provider network to improve:

  • Health care quality
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Affordability
  • Patient experience
  • Provider satisfaction

We do this by putting the patient first. We connect providers to share health care information, data and best practices. And we provide support, tools, data and analytics to empower physicians to deliver personalized care.

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Locate services in your area

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OptumCare Network of Arizona

Patients have access to a large network of doctors and a variety of community center activities.

OptumCare Network of Utah

Patients have access to a large network of doctors and wellness classes across Northern Utah.

Contact Us

For broker support and customer service, please call 1-866-393-1158.

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Choosing the right health plan, network and doctor is vital.

For your clients, figuring out how their health plan, medical network and doctor work together can be confusing. We’ve created a graphic to help make it clearer.

Health insurance plan
The health plan pays the cost of medical care. This can include medical benefits, behavioral health and prescription drug coverage. Through the health plan, clients choose a medical network and primary care doctor.

Medical network
Clients choose their medical network through the health insurance plan. The medical network provides access to primary care doctor, hospitals, specialists and a variety of services.

Primary care doctor
The primary care doctor works with both the medical network and health insurance plan. The doctor leads your client’s health care team and coordinates all of their care.


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Why Optumcare

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Services for every patient

We provide a wide range of services when and where patients need it. These include primary, specialty, urgent, senior care and more.

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Physician-led organization

We invest in strong partners who aim to keep patients healthy. We give providers the tools they need to help patients make health care decisions.

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How we coordinate care

We know that figuring out the health care system can be overwhelming. OptumCare works with doctors to help make the process easier for patients.


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