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Healthier care for your clients

Optum Care provides access to one of the largest networks in the country, with over 53,000 doctors and 1,450 neighborhood clinics serving over 18 million people.



Why choose Optum Care?

Personalized, coordinated care
Every Optum doctor is held accountable to delivering the highest standard of care. Our team takes the time to carefully explain everything and guide your clients through their choices. If a specialist is needed, we’ll connect them with the right one and ensure important health details are shared.

Focus on overall health
We go beyond caring for patients just when they're sick. We help connect patients to communities that support overall health, including: 

  • Classes, online or in-person
  • Exercise and recreational programs to stay moving 

Caring for the whole person
Our unique approach combines the latest scientific information with an integrated “whole person” care team deeply skilled in treating chronic conditions or long-term medical problems, resulting in: 

  • Fewer hospital admissions1 
  • Shorter nursing home stays2
  • Fewer re-hospitalizations3

Nine out of 10 patients would tell a friend to see their Optum Care doctor.4

How does Optum Care help you succeed?

  • Filter and search for primary care providers that fit your criteria
  • Match each patient with the right doctor in minutes
  • Onboard clients with roadmaps and timelines to show them what’s next  
  • Local marketing team support with educational and sales activities
  • Grow your business with shareable educational and sales materials

Why Medicare Advantage? Healthier care. 

  • Cost savings
    56% of seniors do not pay a premium for MA and the program caps out-of-pocket expenses, giving seniors predictability and lower costs.5
  • Improved outcomes or results
    30-day readmission rate among MA beneficiaries was 13% to 20% lower than the rate in Traditional FFS Medicare.6
  • More benefits
    Over 80% of MA plans offer at least a vision, hearing, wellness or dental benefit.7
  • Customer satisfaction
    94% of MA beneficiaries reported that they are satisfied with the quality of care received.8








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Optum and Medicare Advantage

Find out how Optum helps your clients get better health care at lower costs.



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