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How we’re changing health care for the better


At Optum, we’re not just imagining a world where health care works better for everyone – we’re putting all our resources into creating it. 

For us, it starts by giving the patient and physician more meaningful time together.

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  • By putting the patient back at the heart of medicine and the physician at its forefront, we're creating a more effective, efficient kind of care. It’s an approach that gives physicians more time to focus on patients, while improving the overall value of care. 

    We achieve this thanks to our nationwide system of value-based care that our physicians share and improve upon. And we have the scale and influence to make an impact on our national health system. 


    • Optum drove $80 million in health care cost savings in 2018. 
    • Our goal is to hold medical costs trend to a 1.5% growth year over year. 
    • The Optum scale is capable of driving meaningful impact (we serve over 17.5 million patients nationwide).
  • Above all else, patients want to get well. At Optum, this isn't just the patient’s priority, it's ours as well. That’s why our physicians focus not on the number of patients they see each day, but on keeping each patient as healthy as possible. 

    We encourage our physicians to build deep relationships with their patients, spending time to answer every question and listen to the patient’s concerns. It’s this approach that keeps the patient in the forefront of every decision we make.

    Our objective is to keep patients out of the hospital so they can live healthy, active lives. Our care model measures results and gives our physicians incentives that prioritize better care. 

    When we do recommend a given procedure, it must be entirely justified by one simple standard: the patient’s best interest. 

    As a result, we've achieved:

    • A 70% reduction in unnecessary interventions for low-grade prostate cancer in mature markets.
    • A 20% reduction in unnecessary stress tests in mature markets.

    We credit these achievements to the Optum Care OptimalCare care process, which draws from data and algorithms to efficiently get patients the care that they need. 

  • At Optum, we work hard to keep patients healthy, not just treat them when they’re sick. It starts with doctors who advocate for our patients, standing alongside them and focusing on efficient, effective treatment that meets their unique needs. 

    Our care is always in the best interest of patients’ physical and financial health. Optum doctors have access to a body of proven practices and the latest research to deliver care that’s best for the situation at hand.

    Whatever it takes to get patients well, that’s the focus and priority for all we do. Because exceptional health requires exceptional care. Some examples of how our efforts toward value-based care are making a meaningful impact include:

    • Mature Optum markets have a 30% lower cost of care than traditional Medicare fee-for-service. 
    • Riverside Medical Group in New Jersey has the lowest cost per patient among large medical groups. 
    • Optum Care OptimalCare reduces low value and inefficient care through evidence-based interventions. 
    • Referral optimization improves the ratio of referrals to highest efficiency providers by 22 percentage points after only 2.5 months of use. 
  • We live in an amazing age of rapid discovery. At Optum, our doctors not only keep up with the latest research, they regularly collaborate with colleagues across the country to share success stories and find new ways to speed the patient’s progress to better health.



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